Pond Maintenance & Seasonal Services

We offer many types of maintenance for your water feature ranging from debris removal to filter cleaning to pond cleaning and everything in between. Pond Maintenance and Pondless® Waterfall Maintenance include services that are performed periodically throughout the year while Spring Cleaning and Fall Maintenance are seasonal services. No matter what type of service you choose, we'll have your water feature looking its best.

Pond Clean Out

Pond Maintenance
Pond Maintenance packages can be customized to meet the needs of your particular water feature. These services can be performed on a one time basis, monthly, or even weekly depending on your needs.

These services typically include things such as:

  • Cleaning pumps, skimmers, and filters
  • Removing leaves and other debris from the water feature
  • Maintaining plants (cutting back or fertilizing as needed)
  • Inspecting lighting
  • Monitoring water quality and adding water treatments if needed

Pondless Maintenance
Pondless® Waterfall and Fountain Maintenance

We also offer a variety of services for Pondless® waterfalls and fountains to enhance your enjoyment and make your feature shine

These services include:

  • Power washing of entire system
  • Vacating existing stagnant water
  • Debris removal
  • Cut back or removal of unwanted vegetation
  • Replacement or upgrade of lighting
  • Removal of algae
  • Reset and re-foaming of stone

Seasonal Services

Seasonal Services are usually more involved than basic Pond Maintenance. These services are geared toward preparing your water feature for your enjoyment after cold weather or readying it to withstand the winter months ahead.

Pond Cleanout debris removal

Spring Cleaning

  • Draining your water feature
  • Removing fish to holding tanks
  • Power washing the rocks and gravel
  • Cleaning Biofalls® filters and skimmers
  • Removing all debris from in and around the water feature
  • Trimming and removing dead plants
  • Inspecting lighting
  • Adding rock and gravel as needed
  • Fill water feature and add appropriate water treatments
  • Returning fish to pond

Fall Maintenance pond netting

Fall Maintenance

  • Performing a pond clean-out if not performed earlier in the year
  • Removing pumps and disconnecting check valves
  • Cutting back plants
  • Removing leaves and debris
  • Installing pond netting
  • Installing a de-icer or aerator