"I would like to commend you on your professionalism, creativity and workmanship during the construction and renovatation of our ponds on our Miniature Golf Courses. We totally relied on your knowledge of building ponds, whether pondless systems, fish ponds, or waterfalls. The customer compliements have supersedes our expectations. Than you for all your work and desire to help us see beyond the large empty hole and visualize the magnificent end result."
Jayne B. Angle
Park Manager, Family Recreation Park

"I have had the pleasure of watching Frank Fink work on my waterfall project this year. It is truly inspriring and at the same time calming to watch him design the final product in his mind while he explains his thoughts to you. What stands out, however, is that he listens to your ideas and improves them while he looks at the worksite. I found him to be the most courteous and pleasant contractor I ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I would recommend him without the slightest hesitation and with the highest accolades to anyone who wishes to improve their propery with aquatic enhancements."
Joseph Camacho, D.D.S.

"HOME Restaurant would like to thank you on the outstanding job on our waterfall. Not only was everything completed on time, but it was the highlight of our opening. It's a beautiful waterfall and completes our exterior. Your creativity, work ethic and knowledge of these systems is only exceeded by your honesty, friendliness and giving personality. Thanks again, Frank."
Gregory Holson
HOME at Braddock Inn Restaurant

"My house is located on top of a hill and at the bottom is a spring formed out of natural rock. After a review of the site, you designed a waterfall that took advantage of the natural grade, was easily visible from our deck and from the street, and the flowing water sound lessened the traffic noise of the beltway located a few blocks away. Your enthusiasm for the project gave us the confidence to move forward with the job as you outlined it. The work was done in a very professional manner. The design was excellent and the finished project was a delightful improvement to our home."
Gene Kelley
Kelley Company, Inc.